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Limiting the Progression of Myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive error that makes it difficult to see far away objects clearly. It generally develops in childhood as the eye grows and then continues to become worse until adulthood. However, there are various methods available that, if started in childhood, can help to limit the progression of myopia.

Our Myopia Control Methods

We offer a variety of treatments to suit your child’s age and refraction. During their myopia control consultation, their optometrist will discuss which method is best for your family. Some treatments we offer include NaturalVue contact lenses, executive bifocals, atropine eye drops, and ortho-k.

These are a type of 1-day disposable multifocal contact lenses. The lenses contain a power with an extended depth of focus to reduce eye strain when viewing objects at near or doing tasks such as reading. The multiple prescriptions help reduce eyestrain, which in turn helps slow the progression of myopia.

Executive top bifocals are a type of glasses lenses that have been shown to reduce myopia progression in children. Like traditional bifocal lenses, the lens contains 2 prescriptions. The top portion corrects distance vision while the bottom portion is used for near vision. The dual prescriptions help reduce eye strain during near vision tasks, which helps to reduce myopia progression.

Atropine eye drops are medicated drops that have been shown to reduce the progression of myopia. Atropine temporarily dilates the pupils which relaxes the focusing mechanism in the eye. Through relaxing this muscle, atropine treatment helps to reduce focusing fatigue and eye strain, two factors thought to affect the progression of myopia.

Ortho-K (orthokeratology) lenses are a type of specialty contact lenses designed to help control myopia. These rigid, gas-permeable lenses gently reshape the corneal as you sleep, providing you with clear vision the next day, without the need for glasses or contact lenses. The effects are temporary (the lenses must be worn each night) however, prolonged use has been found to effectively slow the progression of myopia.

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