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Diagnosis, Treatment, & Management of Eye Diseases at Stone Ridge Eye Care

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The Importance of Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis is essential to the treatment and management of all eye diseases. Regular eye exams are the best opportunity for us to detect eye diseases, as most diseases that affect your vision show no early symptoms. By the time you detect a change in your vision, much of the damage is irreversible.

Diagnosing & Managing Eye Diseases

There are a variety of methods we can use to diagnose, treat, and manage eye diseases. The 3 most common types of eye diseases we look for, especially past age 60, are cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Cataracts are the natural clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens with age. They can cause blurred vision, faded colors, light sensitivity, double vision, and trouble seeing at night.

You might be at risk of developing cataracts if you are overe 60, have had an eye injury, or if you have spent a lot of time in the sun. After cataracts have been diagnosed by an optometrist, the symptoms can be managed to a certain degree with a change in glasses or magnifiers. Once cataracts progress to the point of impacting daily activities, cataract surgery is an effective treatment option.

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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the deterioration of the macula as you age. The macula is the central part of the retina used for visual acuity and color vision. As AMD progresses, you may notice the loss of ability to see fine detail. This may present as trouble driving or recognizing faces.

AMD is the leading cause of blindness in older Americans. There are 2 types of the disease: dry AMD and wet AMD. Dry AMD is more common and fortunately, causes less serious vision loss. Dry AMD can progress to wet AMD, which is more devastating and causes rapid, dramatic vision loss. An eye exam is the best way to detect AMD early to implement strategies, such as better nutrition, to reduce the risk of vision loss.

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There are various types of glaucoma, but all are characterized by damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma usually results from ocular hypertension, this increased intraocular pressure damages your optic nerve. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause irreversible damage to your sight, particularly your peripheral vision.

If glaucoma is caught early, it can be treated with eye drops and/or surgery. During your eye exam, we always test for glaucoma using a Goldmann tonometer or NCT. These devices test your intraocular pressure. Visual field testing allows us to detect loss of peripheral vision.

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