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What are Cataracts?

Cataracts is a very common eye disease, often developing as a result of aging. Cataracts is the process of your eye “clouding over”, often affecting the quality of your vision. The disease usually starts off blurring your vision, but eventually graduates to causing blindness. Patients experiencing cataracts can see their vision start to imitate a frosting or fogging over.

As time goes on, cataracts can cause blindness.

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Types of Cataracts?

There is not one form of cataracts, but instead a few different versions patients can experience.

  • Nuclear cataracts form in the center of your lens, possibly causing nearsightedness at first.
  • Posterior subcapsular cataracts form at the back of your lens. This forms as a small area at the back of your lens, directly affecting the travel of light in your eye.
  • Cortical cataracts form as wedge like shapes on the outer edges of your lens. As it progresses, the wedges then cover the rest of your lens.
  • Congenital cataracts occurs when you are born, usually stemming from genetics or health problems at birth

Symptoms of Cataracts?

While the main symptom patients will experience with cataracts is a cloudy lens, there are also a host of different symptoms which can present themselves if you have yet to be diagnosed with cataracts.

Seeing rings/halos from sources of light, double vision in one or both eyes, frequently changing glasses/contact prescriptions, or even requiring brighter light to work. If you believe you are starting to experience these symptoms, it is best to book an eye exam as soon as you can. While cataracts might not be a medical emergency, early prevention techniques can help manage your symptoms and possibly save your vision.

Treatment Options

Cataracts is a very common eye disease, and because of this, there is a veritable slew of treatment options available for patients. One of the first options your optometrist will consider is finding prescription lenses to help your vision, however if your symptoms are advanced enough, they could also recommend cataract surgery.

If you are looking for relief from your cataracts, book an appointment with your optometrist.

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